Zayn Malik films a music video for Aladdin movie in Central Park with Zhavia Ward; Read on to know more

Zayn Malik, who has been in the news after posting a series of unprecedented rants, is now hitting the headlines as he was spotted in New York’s Central Park as he filmed for a music video.

Zayn Malik, who has been in the news after posting a series of unprecedented rants, is now hitting the headlines as he was spotted in New York’s Central Park as he filmed for a music video. As per reports, the same is for Guy Ritchie’s upcoming movie Aladdin. As per the photos, which have been doing rounds on the internet, he was sporting an olive green suit and polished black shoes. He looked dapper in the same.

A film insider told The Sun, “Zayn is looking to work on something new in a bid to lose his reputation that’s become murky in recent years.”

The source added, “It would be the first kid-friendly work he’s done since he quit One Direction in 2015 and could make him more viable in terms of his future music career.” Talking about the movie, the same stars Will Smith, who will be seen in the role of Genie, and the movie is all set to release next month

Zayn, yesterday, posted the link of his new song StandStill. Along with the link, he wrote,” #StandStillVideo out now #ICARUSFALLS.” The same is visually pleasing as it features beautiful natural landscapes. For the unversed, the song is part of British pop star’s sophomore album, Icarus Falls, which was released in December 2018. Zayn sings, “If time stands still/ Move I will to you/ This was filmed/ Somehow I see you/ Move I will to you.”

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Exclusive: First Look at the Making of ‘Aladdin’ Revealed by Insight Editions’ New Art Book

We’ve got a great (and exclusive) look from behind the scenes of Disney’s upcoming live-action feature, Aladdin, to share with you today. From the cover art alone, you can tell that the new movie is obviously going to pay homage to the original animated classic but will also tap into the magic and mythology that enriched the story of a street rat-turned-prince. Additionally, the pages we can share with you today reveal the impressive studio set that acted as a stand-in for a Moroccan location, the imposing design of Jafar’s Study, and even an all-new character in the movie.

The Art and Making of Aladdin (Insight Editions / April 30, 2019 / $45.00) treats Aladdin fans to images that capture the visual majesty and behind-the-scenes accounts of the Disney film’s fascinating development and production. In this book, fans will discover how the streets of Agrabah come to vibrant life in the thrilling live-action adaptation of Disney’s 1992 classic, Aladdin, the exciting tale of the charming street rat Aladdin, the courageous and self-determined Princess Jasmine and the Genie who may be the key to their future.

This beautifully packaged book features exclusive interviews with director Guy Ritchie, legendary Disney composer Alan Menken, lyricists Benj Pasek and Justin Paul (La La Land, The Greatest Showman), and key cast and crew. The Art and Making of Aladdin takes an in-depth look at gorgeous concept art and unit photography and delves into characters old and new, including Will Smith’s Genie and Nasim Pedrad’s new character, Dalia. Revealing interviews with filmmakers, cast, and crewmembers provide unique insight into the Aladdin filmmaking experience through a beautifully designed exploration of the film’s creation.

The Art and Making of Aladdin moves beyond a simple commemoration. It is the definitive chronicle of hundreds of people’s shared mission to reimagine a beloved film in a completely new format. Check out a sampling of the book’s rich content below!

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John Wick 3: Parabellum

John Wick 3 Star Thinks Franchise Could Continue For Another 10 Years

No one has said John Wick will be a trilogy. It’s possible Keanu Reeves’ John Wick will return after John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum for John Wick 4 or beyond. Director Chad Stahelski has said he’d be down to make a fourth John Wick film if the audience wants more. And we already know a TV series is in the works following The Continental hotel.

Ian McShane plays Winston, manger of the New York City hotel. He’s currently promoting Hellboy, the Deadwood movie, and John Wick 3. During a game of Would You Rather, McShane was asked whether he’d rather see the Deadwood movie remade in 10 years or John Wick remade in 10 years.

Oh gosh. Probably in 10 years, John Wick would still be going. You never know, Keanu might be running the [Continental] hotel and everything by then. […] John Wick, the world of John Wick is being explored in the next one. That will be more about the High Table, you find out more about him, his background, whatever. Preparing for who knows what the hell will happen next time. It gets bigger. I think you’ll enjoy that too.

John Wick seems darn near invincible, but part of me wondered if John Wick 3 was going to wrap up the story and maybe even kill off the Patron Saint of Puppies. After all, there’s a global contract out for John Wick. Even with Halle Berry’s Sofia and her two dogs in the mix, supposedly on John’s side, it’s going to be tough for John to get out of this jam.

But Ian McShane spoke to Collider about John Wick as if Mr. Wick is still around after Parabellum. McShane also hinted to the film preparing for whatever happens next time. That gives me hope that John Wick 3 is just the latest chapter in a story that could continue for a while.

Another 10 years? Well, they do say Keanu Reeves is immortal. He hasn’t aged much in the past 10 years, so when he’s 64 I don’t see any reason why he wouldn’t still look and act the same.

As Ian McShane noted, John Wick 3 is meant to tell us more about John Wick’s background. Anjelica Huston’s new character is meant to play a role there, and she’s also the Director of The High Table, the council of crime lords. Maybe she’ll be on John’s side too? Based on the trailers, Asia Kate Dillon’s Adjudicator, another member of the High Table, is not exactly on John’s side. And there are plenty of new assassins in the mix, including Mark Dacascos as a John Wick fan called Zero who is now out to kill his idol.

Here’s more of what we know about John Wick 3 so far. It opens in theaters May 17, and will probably have a stronger opening than the initial projections. But we’ll see. If you do want John Wick to continue for another 10 years, you’ll have to show him some love at the box office. In December, Chad Stahelski told EW he would happily make a fourth John Wick film if the audience enjoys John Wick 3 and wants more…